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Preservation of Dahlgren Chapel

The Central Maryland Heritage League is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to preserving properties of historical significance in Central Maryland. In 1996, the Central Maryland Heritage League purchased Dahlgren Chapel from Mr. Richard B. Griffin with the sole purpose of continuing the restoration of the chapel and preserving it as an important part of Maryland history.

Since that time CMHL efforts have included:
• Restoration of the slate roof
• Restoration of the copper gutters
• Re-pointing of elaborate stone work
• Reconstruction of the bell tower
• Re-wiring of the electrical system
• Wrought iron railings purchased and installed from street to the chapel

Vintage Gothic lanterns have been installed in the nave and replicas of the antique pews were constructed and installed so that the chapel can now be used regularly for weddings, concerts and other events.

With nearly $115,000 having been spent to secure the architectural integrity of Dahlgren Chapel, CMHL has launched a capital campaign to further enhance its beauty. The first priority is to complete the restoration of the chapel windows begun by Mr. Griffin nearly 50 years ago.

Future projects include the cleaning and restoration of the walnut paneling as well as procuring appropriate appointments that would have been familiar to Mrs. Dahlgren during her time at South Mountain.

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